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'The Amazing Power of Joy'

'The Secret' says, 'Change your thoughts, you change your world'. This is not a new idea - it's been said for decades; and it's absolutely true. What you think about, is what you create. What you say or affirm is what you create. If you've been using "The Secret" or applying the 'Laws of Attraction' and it's not working for you, I know why! It's easy to say to someone, 'Just change your thoughts', 'Use your affirmations', 'Have faith and believe', but it's virtually impossible for most people to do if their lives are difficult or if someone is in crisis!   This is because unless your emotions change, your thoughts stay the same. Positive affirmations work only when they are in alignment with both your emotional and mental alignment. If you're in peril of losing your sales job and you try affirming, "I'm the best salesman in the firm", the result is usually sorrow and resentment. Similarly, if you haven't been on a date in three years and you're affiming, "I have the perfect spouse', only feelings of loss and sorrow arise for most people. You have to feel positive or joyous first in order to manifest your dreams! "The Amazing Power of Joy' does just that!

I say, "Change your feelings, you change your thoughts, you change your world." The Joy Program is based on very real metaphysical principles, but is also based only on that which is true, and believable and joyous to you. The step-by-step system changes first how you feel - allowing you to feel joyous on demand, then shifts your self-esteem, then changes your thoughts, then changes your world! Basically, it retunes your vibrations and frequencies. The best analogy I can give you is a crystal radio set...Crystals are naturally tuned when they're created to a set frequency, but unlike you, can never be altered or re-tuned. To become a radio set, the transmitting and receiving crystals must be of the same frequency. However, this specific receiver can only ever pick up what its corresponding transmitter is sending! If you're always feeling unhappy or negative, you only can receive more unhappiness and negativity. All the wonders of the world may be around you, but if you're resonating misery or ho-hum, all you can receive is misery or ho-hum!  'The Amazing Power of Joy' retunes you to a joyous vibration, so all you can receive is more joy!

I’ve had a fascinating life, but it was full of PhD level learning about trouble and pain - I've probably experienced virtually every human sorrow and tragedy that exists. (It gave me integrity and true empathy when I said to someone, “I do know how you feel”, but I had no real way to transform how either my clients or I felt.) As every tragedy struck and each crisis presented itself, I used everything I knew to survive the event: I practiced attraction principles; I affirmed every possible positive affirmation; I prayed; I forgave; I found the hidden good in evil; I remained optimistic; I used my talents and abilities to help others; I 'let go and let God'. You name it; I tried it...and still more troubles came.  I didn’t want miracles; I just wanted my life to change; I just wanted to feel happy!

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Many years later, I suddenly realized that nothing was working because all my prayers, affirmations and actions were based on unhappiness. As I focused on what I thought I needed and wanted to make me happy; or to free me from unhappy circumstances, I was actually focusing emotionally and mentally on negativity and unhappiness. That resonance created more misery as I continually concentrated on solving or surviving my problems - crystal radio set in action!

The 'Amazing Power of Joy' was channeled by Spirit in response to my prayers asking for clear understanding about how to change my life and feelings, and I consider it a gift from God. (You may call the Source of all-good, all-love, all-power, all-knowledge anything you choose; I simply say 'God'.) Surprised that all my prayers and affirmations had been based on unhappiness, and still overwhelmed by my life, I decided to ask God directly what I should be doing instead. The answer was immediate and very clear: "Just be joyous." Utterly confused by this response, I asked God to explain, "Just precisely how on earth I was supposed to be joyous when I clearly was not, and moreover, when I knew nothing about Joy at all!". It took almost 2 full years in a series of question and channeled answer sessions for me to be able to ask all the questions and understand the answers that comprise this system. I had to fully understand each concept, and then was told to put it into practice in my own life before I could move on to the next question! I call the assembled answers, 'The Amazing Power of Joy'.

Now I really am able help others that have been carved out by sorrow, grief, loss and tragedy. I teach them first how to immediately experience joy, and then exactly how to use that same feeling to transform their lives and circumstances – transforming the very core of their beings. Let me tell you what I tell them:

The ‘Amazing Power of Joy" is fast, simple, and guaranteed to transform your being and life! So fast that in one day you can experience complete joy on demand, and continue to feel that way! And so very simple - the joy is right inside you! It’s just been hiding; waiting to be unleashed! I guarantee that if you follow the oh-so-simple step-by-step system I’ve put into action you can completely transform your being and life!

This is what one client wrote me after using it for less than 3 months:

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a part of your Joy Program! Words can’t describe the transformation I have gone through since I started. It has been truly magical for me! Your promise to me that anyone can experience joy on a continual basis inspired me to give it a try. I did not expect any miracles; I was wrong.

The 'Power of Joy’ is what carries me through every day. Somehow every aspect of my life has changed. Looking back over the years I wasted dwelling on the bad stuff seems so far away now. And the pure genius of it all lies in its simplicity! Any waking moment I now know how to instantly experience pure joy. A few months ago I would never believed it was possible.

The other incredible thing is that I now have self-confidence, something quite foreign to me! The best part is that somehow I just know that this is only the beginning. I know there is so much more to come, and that it just gets better. Needless to say I am your biggest fan, and I will absolutely keep you updated on my amazing process throughout my journey”.

Your #1 fan, Sue Pattingale

Sue is right!  It does ‘just get better’. Once you’ve learned how to instantly feel joyous, that very emotion creates a state that constantly and continually attracts only those things, events and circumstances that will bring you even more joy! And a side effect of using the ‘Secret Power of Joy’ is that it rapidly creates incredible self-confidence and self-esteem where there was none before.

But what if you’re not in crisis? What if the troubles are gone and you’re at a point of equilibrium? A woman recently told me that she didn’t need the ‘Secret Power of Joy’ because although she’d “been to hell and back”, she was now calm and at peace with her life and “coping just fine”. I immediately realized that although I thought this gift would best help people transform despair; there are even more people whose lives are “just fine”, or who are “coping really well with it all”. Discovering you can be at peace with your life, or learning how to cope are truly marvelous achievements – congratulations for having come so far! You’ve learned so much already - but you didn’t come here to simply be ‘calm’, or to ‘cope’, or to lead a stiff-upper-lip type of ‘just fine’ life! You came here to lead a glorious, fulfilling life, feeling joyous as you do so, and ‘The Amazing Power of Joy’ can unleash the miracle you really are!

I wanted to publish my book “The Amazing Power of Joy” first, but the publisher said, “Do the seminars first!” She was also right! Demand for the program is so great that I’m offering it in seminar before the book is published so that more people can be helped more quickly! By attending you can start feeling and being joyous right away; transform your being and life immediately; and learn precisely how to create and attract what will only bring you more joy! The seminar gives you free coaching from me personally, and includes your own personal ‘Joy Stone’ – a fun and integral part of the system, and your “Amazing Power of Joy” Workbook.

N.B. I've been getting calls from people who are concerned that they might have to talk about their problems or sorrows in the Joy Seminar, so let me clarify the misconception. 'No. Not at all. Not ever!' In fact, one of my not-so-gentle guidelines for attendance is that no one may discuss any unpleasant details of their lives at all - not in class, not at break, not at dinner. If you feel a need to share during the weekend, you probably should not attend. This course is neither a pity party nor talk therapy. Participants are learning how to manifest Joy, and talking or writing about problems is not part of the system.

I give you my personal guarantee that “The “Amazing Power of Joy” works. It is indeed a bit of a magic wand – but even a magic wand needs to be waved and used! It will only work if you actually use it, and won't work without your active input and sincere intent to create change! When the book is ready I’ll let you know! In the meantime, if you’re ready to make the change and finally transform your life into joy – please attend!! See the Calendar for dates and details.

If you want a Seminar in your area, please Contact me!

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