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About Heather Anne

I was born into a family that possessed considerable psychic abilities – my mother openly used her gifts, and lectured world-wide about spirituality and mysticism; my father rarely discussed his. As a tiny girl my own gifts were accepted as normal, so I didn’t realize that other people did not see or know what I did. It wasn’t until I kept on blurting out rather unsettling things to complete strangers such as, “Your tummy hurts and you have a thing growing inside”, or “The man from the plane crash wants to talk to you”, or made other startling announcements about their lives, that my mother explained that I was “different” and needed to learn keep quiet about some things! She was my first and greatest spiritual teacher, helping me to control and develop my gifts; believing that my abilities far out-weighed her own.  

I knew that what Spirit said or showed me had always proven to be right, and I definitely knew that I was supposed to actively use my gifts and abilities to help others. I didn’t want to be ridiculed for being “different” though, and didn’t want anyone to know about my abilities, so for many years I shied away from openly using them at all. Spirit wasn’t shy about sharing my purpose with other psychics, as I clearly wasn’t listening! Every single intuitive I consulted all wondered why on earth I was there when I was supposed to be doing the work myself.

I still quietly saw clients, but I decided instead to become a midwife. Here was a purpose where I felt I was doing something akin to what Spirit wanted – I was helping others, and I was able to secretly use my abilities to do so. Of course, since that was not at all what I was supposed to be doing, and despite the joy my profession gave me, much of the rest of my life was very difficult and unhappy. Eventually Spirit placed a roadblock that detoured me away from my first career -  I became very ill and was told to go on leave or to find work where there was no 24-hour on-call and no stress. I left practice, rested, and eventually started to feel better. Precisely as I was contemplating a return to midwifery, Spirit unrolled a roadblock of landslide proportions - I was in a very serious accident that had me pronounced dead three times and left me with a painful, permanent injury, clearly unable to return to practice.

After my miraculous survival nothing in my life made sense anymore. It slowly began to dawn upon me that perhaps God had given up waiting for me to openly use my gifts and had now forced the issue. I had known my entire life what I was Divinely created to do, but I had been unwilling to fulfill my Soul Purpose simply because I was afraid of being openly ‘different’. I had been using God’s gift of free will to be stubborn and reluctant, and the path I had chosen to walk in my life was anything but easy and happy. It was littered first with pebbles, and then rocks, then boulders, and then landslides…until I finally realized that I needed to step onto my true path, and openly and happily use the gifts and talents I have been given in such abundance.

I am now in the place I am supposed to be and doing what I was created to do – truly joyous and fulfilled! I love my work, and I love and cherish each and every one of my clients. My work is a  collaborative effort with you, and we work together to bring you to the place you are supposed to be. You were created to manifest and exemplify joy! You are supposed to enjoy a glorious, fulfilling life  - wherever your place, and whatever your role in the world. My purpose is to help you transform into the astonishing miracle you were created to be!


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